Friday, August 19, 2011

IFL 2011 submission

Summary: Submit to IFL 2011. It's a great breeding ground for ideas.

The IFL 2011 submission deadline has been extended until 31st August, and, in a move I thoroughly agree with, the notification of acceptance is now within 24 hours of submission!

IFL (and TFP) do not work in the same way as ICFP/Haskell Symposium. You submit a paper, describing the work you've done (something functional programming related) and then present the paper. After the conference, you resubmit the paper, and the result is reviewed in greater depth. There is a great opportunity to learn from the experience, and produce a second paper that is far better.

I submitted my original supercompilation work to IFL 2007. You can compare the paper I submitted before the conference with the paper I submitted afterwards. Note that the original paper doesn't even mention the word supercompilation! At the conference I talked to many people, learnt a lot about supercompilation, program optimisation and termination orderings (and lots of other interesting topics). Using this experience, and building on the enthusiasm people had expressed, I was able to produce a much better second paper. My work on supercompilation went into my thesis, and lead to a subsequent ICFP paper.

I think that IFL/TFP are great venues for to present your work, and in presenting and discussing it, to understand more about the work - making it better in the process. You have just under 2 weeks to make the IFL 2011 deadline of 31st August.