Monday, September 03, 2012

Haskell eXchange 2012

Skills Matter are having a 1-day Haskell conference in London on October 10th:

Haskell Exchange 2012

The conference is dedicated to practical Haskell, not academic Haskell. Each session will teach you about how Haskell is used in the real world, and include techniques you can apply to your Haskell programming. Speakers include Simon Peyton Jones, Simon Marlow, Lennart Augustsson, Duncan Coutts, Blake Rain and Rob Harrop. Topics include types, parallelism, high-performance concurrency, LLVM, EDSLs, Yesod and Cloud Haskell.

Registration is already open, and the early registration discount applies until 9th September (6 more days). I've been working with Skills Matter since May developing the program, and am very happy with the end result. I'll be there with 69% probability, and am really looking forward to it.