Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Standard Chartered are hiring

Summary: Haskell programmer willing to relocate to Singapore? Come work for Standard Chartered!

Standard Chartered, the bank where I work, is hiring again. We're looking for a programmer in Singapore to use Haskell full time (or more specifically, the Mu Haskell dialect), with the results used by many people, often the very next day. We write compilers, libraries, applications, web servers, DSLs and much more besides. All of the work is for use in house, and is usually geared towards finance, but no finance background is required. Standard Chartered has been using Haskell for over five years, and has hired lots of well-known Haskell programmers, including Lennart Augustsson, Ravi Nanavati, Malcolm Wallace, Roman Leshchinskiy, Don Stewart and Andy Adams-Moran.

To apply, send a CV to neil.mitchell AT sc DOT com, and make sure the CV includes links to anything you've written on programming (Twitter, StackOverflow, blogs, academic papers) and links to any open-source software you have written (GitHub, Hackage). We are ideally looking for:

  • An expert Haskell programmer - someone who can quickly write top-quality code. We have a large existing Haskell code base, which lots of people are continually developing, so experience with larger Haskell projects would be a plus.
  • Someone who can proactively talk to our users, understand their problems, find out what they are asking for, then deliver what they really want. We make releases nightly and rely on constant feedback.
  • Someone who takes responsibility for their code and keeps it in good shape. That includes testing it, refining it over time and documenting the surprising bits. We can only iterate rapidly by keeping the code clean and testable, or we would end up breaking things.
  • Someone who is prepared to work weekdays 9am-6pm in an office in Singapore (telecommuting is not currently an option). The work we do directly impacts many people on very short time scales, which is demanding, but also rewarding.

Update: The application process has now closed.