Saturday, May 29, 2004

Live Journal

Finished my AOO exam, finished my entire degree, happy :) The AOO saga was memorable, I feel like I was screwed over by the lecturer for his personal gain. Ah well, if capitalism has taught me anything, its that the solution is to screw someone else over to make yourself feel better.

Got very drunk last night, did the extended campus bar crawl, all the bars on campus + those near campus with 6 beers before hand. An 11 hour drinking session.

My friends are all trying to persuade me to use Live Journal, but I have to say that blogger seems really nice. I'm trying to set up live journal to look nice, but they want me to pay to get any sensible features. I can have it close to how I want, but if I want a border that isn't huge then I can pay. Because of that, blogger looks more attractive. The only thing I would like to do with Blogger is to move the adverts (text Adverts aren't a problem, I can deal with that, just down the side would look nicer) Anyway, with all the power of CSS, HTML and Javascript I'm sure its possible to kill the adverts totally (although I'm not going to, TOS and all that).

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