Thursday, April 12, 2007

SOC: GuiHaskell

The Google Summer of Code allocations are now out, and GuiHaskell got one of the slots from There were quite a few students applying for GuiHaskell - I thought the students who applied were very good, and any of them would have done a wonderful job. In the end Asumu Takikawa was chosen, and I wish him well with the project.

The link with his application is available here.

The basic idea as I see the project is to start from the existing GuiHaskell base and evolving so that by the end of the summer it is a very solid alternative to WinHugs, but with several key advantages:

  • Written in Haskell using Gtk2Hs, not C with the Win32 API
  • Cross platform: Windows, Linux and Mac at least
  • Cross compiler: Hugs, GHC and GHCi to begin with
  • Integration with Haddock/Cabal/Hoogle etc.

The initial aim is not to make it an IDE, but to do everything an IDE might do apart from having an integrated editor. Depending on the progress, this may be something that is tackled this summer, or perhaps not.

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