Thursday, July 24, 2008

GSoC Hoogle: Week 9

I'm off camping for the next weekend in a couple of hours, so this is my early weekly summary. From next week, for a week and a half, I'll actually have an SSH connection so expect to see 200+ patches flow into the Hoogle repo in a few days.

This week I've been rewriting the type search. I spent 3 days writing code, type checking it, but not actually having enough written to run it. Late last night I finished the code, and this morning I debugged it. Amazingly (although actually quite commonly for Haskell) it worked with only minor tweaks. I now have a type search which should scale to large databases and provide fast and accurate searches.

All the basic tests work, and I can generate a Hoogle database for the array library. I still can't generate a Hoogle database for the base library, due to a stack overflow, but I think the cause of the stack overflow has changed and should be easy to debug.

Next Week: A public beta of the command line version is now overdue, and hopefully will happen next week. I aim to finish the actual search side of Hoogle, and move on to the web interface.

User Visible Changes: Type search works again, mostly.

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