Monday, March 09, 2009

Website move

Today I spotted that I could no longer push to my darcs repos hosted at York University. A little more checking showed that my home page had also been removed - I guess that's what happens when you are no longer a student there (although a warning email before would have been nice...). So I am pleased to announce my new website address:

Thanks to the wondrous Haskell community for providing all the resources I needed to move my website with no human intervention at haste. Expect my darcs repos to move somewhere shortly too.

I have now submitted the final bound copies of my thesis, and have uploaded a copy to my website (I had uploaded it to York, but didn't get chance to announce it!). I should say a great thank you to everyone who helped with my work/thesis, in particular Colin Runciman for supervising me for six years, and Detlef Plump and Simon Peyton Jones for examining me and really helping improve the final document with their comments.

The thesis has four content chapters, corresponding to Uniplate, Supero, Firstify and Catch. I have submitted a paper to ICFP 09 which expands/clarifies the Firstify work, which I'll upload as a draft shortly. For the other chapters, the version in the thesis is an improvement on the version in any papers I've published.


Unknown said...

Congrats on getting the final copy submitted! I graduated at the end of January - it's a great feeling :-)

I was quite annoyed that they didn't send a warning email. There was some stuff, including my thesis' subversion repository that I would have liked to have saved.

Neil Mitchell said...

Well done on graduating, I've got to wait til July but nothing more to do til then.

The website was annoying, but I put all my darcs repos at /fp/darcs, out of my personal web space, so they're still intact (even if I can't actually push to them for the moment)

Martijn said...

Hi Neil,

Perhaps you can convince them to forward your old site to the new one. That'd certainly help those people using Google looking for your site.

Neil Mitchell said...

Martijn: I asked, they said yes - it now redirects - good thinking!