Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Upcoming talks

I'll be talking at two events this month - hope to see some people there!

9 Oct 2013 - Haskell eXchange 2013

Everyone should use a Generics library - writing HLint with Uniplate

A generics library allows programmers to express only the interesting part of certain tasks, avoiding lots of boilerplate and making the code significantly shorter and more maintainable. Haskell is awash with excellent generics libraries, including Scrap Your Boilerplate, Generics for the Masses, Generic Deriving and Uniplate, yet many developers will never have used any of them. This talk explains how to use the Uniplate generics library, using examples derived from the Haskell Lint tool (HLint), which makes extensive use of Uniplate.

23 Oct 2013 - Runcifest

Colin's Industrial Influence (joint with Malcolm Wallace)

Colin has dabbled in many areas of functional programming, from XML processing to data visualisation, from type searching to generic transformations. While most of Colin's contributions have been made from inside a University, their impact has been felt in industry. In this talk we take a whirlwind tour through some of the projects that have influenced us and our work.

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