Saturday, November 16, 2013

ACM Article - Leaking Space

I wrote an article for the Communcations of the ACM which is now available on the ACM Queue, entitled Leaking Space, all about space leaks. It's got plenty of Haskell, but is intended as a general article on space leaks, and even has an example in Javascript. The introduction features both printed encyclopedia's and postage stamps - both things my son might only learn about on Wikipedia. The abstract:

A space leak occurs when a computer program uses more memory than necessary. In contrast to memory leaks, where the leaked memory is never released, the memory consumed by a space leak is released, but later than expected. This article presents example space leaks and how to spot and eliminate them.

Read Leaking Space for free, or if you have an ACM subscription, also here.

Thanks to Andy Gill for requesting the article and for suggestions to improve it, and to the team at ACM for typesetting/proofing etc.

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