Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Github Offline Issues with IssueSync

For a while I've been looking for something to download the GitHub issues for a project. I do a lot of development work on a train with no internet, so referring to the tickets offline is very useful. I've tried lot of tools, in a very wide variety of languages (Ruby, Python, Perl, Javascript, PHP) - but most of them don't seem to work - and the only one I did manage to get working only gave a curses UI.

Finally, I've found one that works - IssueSync. Installing it worked as described. Running it worked as described. I raised tickets for the author and they fixed them. I even sent a pull request and the author discussed and merged it. It downloads all your issues to Markdown files in an issues directory. I then "list" my issues using:

head -n1 -q issues/*.md | grep -v CLOSED

It's simple and works nicely.


Neil Mitchell said...

Francesco said:

Glad that you found a solution to your problem!

To be fair I am not happy in seeing the state of the ecosystem: from one (many!) Distributed Version Control system we have come to a facebook-like site which yes offers a bunch of convenient features but makes it difficult to obtain that data and effectively (think: issue tracker) breaks the "distributed model".

Also hooray for writing code during long train rides: best office environment ever!

Neil Mitchell said...

I agree train journeys are the best environment :). And yes, would be nice if there was a widely used distributed bug tracker - less important than distributed version control, but still would be welcome. I guess we await Linus deciding he needs to use a bug tracker...

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