Monday, April 30, 2018

Don't Fear the Monad - T-shirts

Summary: I made some t-shirts.

For Christmas my brother-in-law got me the classic "Don't Fear the Monads" t-shirt, which comes complete with the Monad functions printed on it. Of course, while one adult geeky t-shirt is awesome, a child geeky t-shirt is even better, and a whole family full of them is best. I made some SVG designs for "Don't Fear the Functor" (for my son) and "Don't Fear the Applicative" (for my wife), available here (I followed the style of the Monad one, even if I disagree with some of the technical choices in the original). You can turn these into real t-shirts with the Cafe Press design your own feature. The result is pictured below.

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peteranderson said...

These 'Don't Fear the Monad' t-shirts are a geeky delight! Perfect for the whole family. Check out the designs for Functor and Applicative too. Just like you support Trump 2024, support your inner geek with style! For more info Contact us.