Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hoogle Logo

I just got an email from someone pointing out that the Hoogle logo might be infringing Google's copyright or trademark. He might be right, he might not, but I think Hoogle is getting to the stage where I probably need to change the logo to something less like Google. If anyone has any ideas, I'd be happy to see them. I just want something vector based (SVG or Xara or something else) that looks nice and is essentially the word "Hoogle" with a lambda for the l, in reasonably clear writing. Fades, gradients, transparencies, textures are all fine.

I've just filled out a report on Hoogle for the HCAR, including some light plans for the future. It seems that between every HCAR I release a new version and rewrite the existing version, and never make a release. I'll try to change that before the next one.

The future plans for Hoogle are to make it go faster, and once that happens I can add loads more libraries and applications into the search. I also want to fix a few remaining bugs (nothing is considered a Monad due to higher kinds), and add a few features that never got finished (type aliasing). I also want searching for multiple words, since it seems a lot of people do that, and currently Hoogle considers it a type search. If anyone did want to do any work on it, there is plenty there, and I'm happy to accept patches :)

With all those fixes, I want the following searches to be "better":

  • Monad a => [a b] -> a [b]
  • zip with
  • [Char] -> String

And I want the following searches to have better error messages:
  • Just a -> a
  • Maybe -> a

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