Saturday, April 15, 2006

My Haskell related projects

Just for general information, I am involved in the following Haskell projects:

As author:
Hoogle - a Haskell search engine
Catch - a safety checker for Haskell (my PhD)
WinHaskell - A GUI for Haskell use on Windows
WinHugs - the GUI bit of Hugs (I rewrote the old WinHugs from scratch)

As a major contributor:
Yhc - the York Haskell compiler, I do the -core stuff, and other related bits.

And have submitted patches to:
Haddock - Add hoogle output
GHCi - :set prompt feature
Hugs - :main support (which is now in GHCi as well, thanks to someone else)

What do all the projects that I am mainly working on have in common? None have ever had an official release. Hoogle is approaching version 4 without having ever left beta, WinHaskell is just basically functional but definately not finished, Catch is coming along but far away from end user use, WinHugs is pretty much done, just release work remaining really.

At the moment I'm focused on WinHaskell, my progress can be tracked roughly here, but there are about 10 additional patches on my computer and I'm currently working on number 11.

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