Saturday, December 30, 2006

End of year update

Since most people are doing a year summary, I thought I should do one. Then I remembered that I can barely remember what I did yesterday (for example today I went in to work only to discover it was a Saturday...). So instead I'm going to try and predict what I'll do in 2007, with the proviso that it's a complete pile of fiction, but some of it might actually happen.

PhD + Catch

2007 should be the year I complete my PhD. Its certainly the last year I get any funding for my PhD. With aiming to complete my PhD, I also want to release a really good version of Catch - the Hsakell pattern match checker. I've been working away on this for over 2 years now, so would like something I can point at. I'm hoping Catch will be out by March, but I realise I said "a few months" at least 9 months ago now - it turns out the Halting Problem is quite hard...

Hoogle 4

I think Hoogle 4 has been knocking around for about 8 months now. I'd actually like to get this finished, and be the main version of the website. This brings just a complete polishing of Hoogle. Hoogle seems to be a well used tool, and hopefully Hoogle 4 will just make it better at everything and much more reliable.


One project which I really want to polish off and put a release out of is Yhc. Yhc has lots of really exciting features, and is evolving pretty fast. The Yhc Javascript stuff is particularly interesting - the demos just keep getting better and better. The Yhc.Core side of things is looking really impressive. My optimisations stuff is starting to look really good. If I ever finish WinHaskell, Yhc might become a very nice choice for the default compiler.


I really really want to finally implement my parser. Unfortunately, just taking a look at the things above this makes that rather unlikely. If you add in distractions like Hat, WinHaskell, WinHugs etc then it looks a lot less likely. As such I'm going to make the target to formalise my state machine algorithms and write a state machine library in Haskell which I can use as the basis for my parser.

I've tried to keep this list as short as possible, to actually give me a chance of doing some of it. We'll see if that happens.

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