Monday, August 11, 2008

GSoC Hoogle: Week 11

This week I've been releasing lots. Hoogle 4 is finally starting to come together, and should be a worthy replacement for Hoogle 3 very shortly. Rather than go into detail about the past week, I'm just going to give some of the bullet points:

  • I have released 4 versions of the command line version of Hoogle, available on Hackage. Many bugs have been spotted by some very useful testers, and improvements have been made.

  • I have released a web version of Hoogle 4, and encourage feedback.

  • I have started to update the wiki Manual, which now contains some details of Hoogle's query syntax.

  • I gave a talk at AngloHaskell 2008, which is available online, as slides and an audio stream. All of the other talks were excellent and are well worth listening to.

  • I have started to build Hoogle documentation for all of Hackage. The machine I'm doing this on is very slow, so its not a quick process!

Next week: I'm hoping to work on generating better Hoogle databases, including a Hoogle database for the whole of Hackage. I also have a number of bugs to fix.

User visible changes: Users can download and use Hoogle, and the web interface is online.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Neil - you're great. I just had a long and convoluted post asking if you intend to allow combinations of name / type signature searching.

Decided to RTFM first and low and behold
Hoogle responds to my poor search "String :: a -> ByteString" with the desired function third in line.