Thursday, August 28, 2008

Running your own Hoogle on a Web Server

As promised, here is a guide on deploying Hoogle on a web server. Before doing so, you need to generate the necessary Hoogle databases, as described yesterday, and place them in the datadir configured with Cabal. Then:

  • Move the hoogle binary to a location where it can act as a CGI binary, perhaps changing its name to index.cgi, if necessary. Configure the CGI program to run, possibly changing the program to be executable or adding settings somewhere.

  • Copy the files from src/res in the darcs repo into a res directory located beside the binary.

  • Create a file log.txt and give it global write permissions.

Now you should have Hoogle running on a web server! Some of the features, such as OpenSearch integration, won't work - but Hoogle should be usable. If anyone does get Hoogle running on a web server I'd love to hear, any feedback appreciated. In particular, if there are any tweaks required please let me know.

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